The Full Stack - Two Week Advanced Cookery Course


The Full Stack - Two Week Advanced Cookery Course

The Full Stack is exactly that. This two week course takes you through the no nonsense Wyld Essential cookery course before building out to give you all the skills to take your culinary skills to the next level.

Whether you are just looking to get ahead of the competition or take the first steps to catering professionally, this is a great course to get some intense training. For the ambitious amongst you, we make you step out of your comfort zone to push yourself in the kitchen.

As your confidence and ability grows through the course with plenty of hands-on practice, the lessons will develop in sophistication both in terms of menu and presentation. From Full English to Eggs Benedict, tarts and soufflés – we will supercharge your recipe book. The menus will cross continents from Europe to the Middle East and over to Asia and the Americas, providing you with a range of exciting, innovative and on-trend menus. And of course you will develop your core skills whilst keeping an eye on your budget when delivering great food.

Great news - the Wyld Cookery School is an Approved Activity Provider for the Residential section for the Gold DofE award. (You only need to stay for one of the two weeks to qualify!)

The Specifics:

No nonsense basics with layers of skills, drills and mean menu ideas to take your cooking to the next level.

The course runs Monday to Friday with a maximum of 14 students. They enjoy lunch together every day, with breakfast on Fridays, and on Thursday night of their first week they host a 'Supper Party' for their invited guests at the school. The hours are Monday 9.30am – 4.30pm and Tuesday to Friday have a 9am start!  

By the end of this two week course you will:

+ Be doing the basics in your sleep, having worked through our Wyld Essentials Cooking Programme

+ Expanded your repertoire to include advanced dishes designed to delight your guests.

+ Have the inside track on presentation skills that will have you looking like a Master Chef without the camera glare.

If you are planning on using your newly honed skills to earn some money or are keen to effortlessly entertain, then this course is for you! You will leave with an apron, a mug and a recipe book to keep you cooking and maintain your enthusiasm in the kitchen.

If you are feeling flush you can pay in full on line OR if you are feeling stretched you can pay a deposit of £150 to secure your place.   Start saving then you can pay the balance six weeks before the course starts - don't worry we won't let you forget!
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3rd -14th July 2017
17th - 28th July 2017 Sold out
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