Cookery Demonstrations

Cookery Demonstrations

As Autumn matures we are running five cookery demonstrations.
Each course will be from 9.30am - 1pm for 6 - 8 attendees in Tooting. 

Tuesday November 8th - Fantastic Fish  SORRY FULL!See the fish counter and walk the other way? Order it in restaurants but intimidated and lacking in confidence at home? Well let's put a stop to that and let Wyld Cookery School give you a whistle stop tour of our fishy friends and a few of their shell dwelling pals. This demo will cover a variety of cooking techniques including filleting, baking whole, griddling and leave you with some fresh ideas and recipes to take home to hit that fish counter with confidence.
Tuesday November 15th - Getting Ahead.....SORRY FULL! 8 people coming for supper, head buried in the sand like an ostrich and Deliveroo on speed dial? Sound familiar? Well, come and watch some top tips and arm yourself with some great 'go to' recipes to put the fun back into dinner parties. Unchain yourself from that stove, pour yourself a G&T and be free from stress.....!!!
Wednesday November 30th - Winter Salads  SORRY FULL!  I don't know about you but I am certainly a bit fed up with heavy wintery foods. Cold weather shouldn't mean boring and in this demo I will show you a few different ways to brighten up those wintery lunches and steer away from the traditional (read: delicious but a bit samey!)  dauphinoise to accompany that Christmas ham....
Tuesday December 6th - Flavours of the World..... SORRY FULL! If it's not British it might get some airtime at this demo. All sorts of yumminess from Morocco to Thailand come ready to taste a variety of dishes suitable for dinner parties, light lunches and freezer filling.
Wednesday December 14th - Canapes -  SORRY FULL! Does what is says on the tin! Some fresh ideas, get ahead, freezer friendly morsels of deliciousness made to impress.

You will get your own recipe folder - each time you come back you just keep adding to it!

What does it cost?
Each class will cost you £55, bring a friend as many friends as you like and you each save £5! But remember the class is maximum of 8 students!

How do I book?
Simply email hello@wyldcookeryschool with the classes you would like to book and and we will get back to you to confirm availability and payment details.

Private Groups
If you would like to get a group of 6-8 together we can look at dates that suit you for a private demonstration including lunch together - £67 each and the class will run from 9.30am - 2pm.