Parent F.A.Q

Application Form for Core Cookery Courses.

Our Core Cookery Courses bring together students from all over the UK. Understanding their age and what they want out of the course will help us put together liked minded students to get the most out of their time at Wyld Cookery School.
  • Why do you need my age? Your age will help us assess your suitability, accommodation if required and, if your birthday is during the course, we might even bake you a cake! Tell us things like that in the additional notes...

  • Why do you need my school? This helps inform who we put you with on the course and if you want to qualify for DofE Gold Award we can only have 2 attendees from the same school on the same course.
  • How safe is my payment? VERY! All online payments go through our secure payment provider, Our checkout is also protected by SSL which means your data is protected. If you would rather pay over the phone, please get in touch. 
  • How safe is my child? All staff and your host are DBS certificated. You can find out more about the DBS here

  • I want to book more than one slot - can I book them on the same or different course in one go? Yes. You can book up to 3 places on any one course, just choose the number of places on the Course Page and fill in the required fields. If there aren't enough places available, please get in touch with us in case we can help. 

  • Can I pay a deposit and the balance nearer the time?
    Yes, but you will need to pay by bank transfer or cheque - the online payment system is less flexible than us! Email or call 07955 108904.

  • It is a gift – can I have a voucher? Yes email us and we will post you one! 


  • How much does it cost? Accommodation costs £125 for four nightsAn extra night B&B is £15 and must be agreed prior to arrival 
  • What does it include? Your £125 includes dinner, bed & breakfast for four nights
  • Who are the host families? Local families known to the team of the school living in Putney – they are not B&B’s nor hotels but welcome students of our school to be part of the family

  • Can they stay an extra night? This needs to be agreed between you and the hosts – many will allow Sunday arrival (but no supper is provided)

  • How do I pay them? The hostess will email you to confirm they are expecting the student and they will at this point give their payment details
  • Do they get their own room? If you request this we will do our upmost however if they are qualifying for the DofE Gold they need to share a room with someone of their own gender that they do not know.

  • What do they do in the evenings? They are free to enjoy themselves but must discuss with their host timings etc as we do want them bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next day… HOWEVER if the student is using our course for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold residential they have organised activities for all four evenings, including wine tasting & hosting, with their fellow students, a dinner party to which they each invite a friend.

The course:

  • Do you guarantee the student a job? No – guarantee is too strong a word! A lot will depend on the nature and ability of the student – however we will do our best to prepare them for their interviews, help them produce their CV’s and if it is for a job on the piste we will arrange as many in house interviews as we can whilst they are with us. There is always a job out there for them – it is a case of finding the right one. Fran believes that it is our job to do whatever we can to get your child a job so they are in the best possible hands.

  • What if they can’t do two weeks in a row – can we split them over two different courses? We will do our best to be flexible if there are other dates available- we do understand how busy their schedule gets after exams!! Give us a call on 07955 108904 and let's talk.

  • What if the dates we want are full? Can you run extra dates? If we can, we will do our best. Please give us a call on 07955 108904 and we'll see what we can do.

  • Do you accommodate dietary/religious requests? We treat every case individually, so give us a call on 07955 108904 to discuss your needs.