Chalet Recruitment

Your route to the mountains

The Wyld Cookery School has a 100% record in placing their Seasonaire students with jobs in ski resorts.  This is because we take time and care getting to know the students and maintaining a close relationship with the companies at the forefront of the ski industry.

When a student signs up with us we start the recruitment process immediately - we supply the students with a sample; CV, covering letter and menu plan ideas plus a list of the companies we work closely with, this includes contact details and their individual recruitment routes i.e. on line forms or  CV's and letters.  Armed with this the student can get applying straight away - they must make sure they let the companies know which course they are attending with us!

We interact directly with the student giving constructive feedback on their CV etc  (as many times as they need) plus we offer Recruitment Workshops in SW London prior to the courses, which includes CV's, interview techniques and topics that may come up in interviews.

During the second week of the course we arrange for two or three ski companies (depending upon their availability) to visit the school OR for the students to visit them. They will have informal interviews which may result in job offers there and then OR a call backs to a more formal interviews.

Once the course is over we maintain contact with our students to ensure they 'keep on  the ball' applying for jobs and even on the mountains we have been in contact sending recipe reminders and responding to any other queries our Seasonaires may have!

Just a few of the companies we work with:


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