The Wyld Cookery School Larder

Christmas Kitchen Wish List


We can't believe there are just 45 days to Christmas! So for those who are thinking their kitchen needs a new gizmoo or gadget or their stockings need plumping up here are a few WCS preferred 'toys' that won't break the bank! Shop around, the links are simply there as an aid - no we are not on commission!

Designed to squeeze every last drop of juice from the fruit. Less faff and mess than the old skool juicers out there. Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy!
Microplane Zester
The best zester on the market in our opinion. The cutters are especially sharp, which guarantees easy grating, taking off only the zest and leaving that bitter pith behind. But this also means you'll need to exercise extra caution - no one likes grated knuckles in their Christmas pud!
Garlic Twist
This is a brill gadget! A handy little tool that is fun and easy to use. It is designed to replace the problem-prone garlic press or the tedious hand-mincing of garlic using a chef's knife. Whack it in the dishwasher after use - avoids stinky garlic fingers!

Silicone pastry brush
Works like a natural bristle brush but with the added conveniences of heat resistance, odour resistance and cleanability, not to mention no pesky hairy bits in your food.

Dressing shaker
Make, mix, serve and store dressings, sauces and marinades & it goes in the dishwasher!
I am sure you all have knives but if you were interested in goodies here are a few of my recommendations...

Henckels - found this set that includes 8" chefs knife, serrated tomato/fruit knife and paring knife
10" Chefs knife only
Sabatier - bit cheaper!
20cm Chefs knife
25cm Chefs Knife

Of course we can't leave you without recommending the gift of a Wyld Cookery School voucher that can be used against any of our courses  from demo days, bespoke courses in your kitchen, evening classes or our one and two week courses.

So have a fabulous Christmas and fun cooking in 2017!