The Wyld Cookery School Larder

The end is NOT nigh....too early to think about a ski season already?!

With the season coming to an end, I start to feel a tug at my heart strings, an ‘it’s all over’ feeling. My ever hopeful skis and boots that have been hoping for a unplanned trip reluctantly go into the garage where they stay for the summer, collecting cobwebs and eagerly await the first snow fall of next winter. Whilst on a personal level I feel a bit sorry for myself on a business level it's time to ramp it up a notch!

The dreaded exams are looming and term time is coming to an end which means the summer is on the horizon and that means busy times for The Wyld Cookery School. Gap years will begin and we are ready and waiting to help those looking to secure a job in the Alps for this coming winter. If this is part of your plan sign up now to the Wyld Seasonaire Cookery Course now to avoid disappointment and get a job secured so you can relax and enjoy that feeling of freedom!

Hmmmmm, just think, this was me on my season, but it could be you...#blueskypowderday