The Wyld Cookery School Larder

No need for schoolboy errors this coming winter season!

Having done my fair share of both winter and summer seasons I know what it’s like to turn up with the wrong kit! Believe me I have only done this once and though it wasn’t an all out disaster, I'll never do it again! You are stuck with it until you retreat back home at the end of it all! This is a bit of an exaggeration but read this article for a few giggles and light hearted banter – made me chuckle anyway!



It's not all about what you look like but here are some of my top tips:

  • Have a few beanies up your sleeve – it would seem that they are a key accessory to every outfit.
  • Baggy is cool – a MUST for ski pants
  • ‘Salapets’ (the ones with over the shoulder straps you had as a child) don’t exist anymore and retro isn’t cool…yet!
  • Never ski in sunnies, goggles only – the bigger the better for the all important stamp of a seasonaire: goggle marks!
  • Buying kit in resorts isn’t always more expensive and they often have more choice and brands not to mention a small ‘seasonaires discount’.
  • Bright is cool (also good in a white out!)
  • Helmets a must – helmet hair also cool, well better than the alternative of a cracked head!
  • Hoodies are invaluable but do bring the odd nice top/shirt as sometimes you want to make a bit of an effort.
  • Find out if the resort you are going to has an end of season ball and if so, bring something to wear. NB it is likely to be on the casual side of “ball” so the full white tie kit won't be necessary but a dress might not go a miss!
  • And, most of all SKI, SKI, SKI but safely – make the most of the season and don’t waste it indoors!


Nuff said....!!!